Homeschool Curriculum

Homeschool curriculum comes in many forms. Some involve workbooks, others use living books, and yet others use textbooks along with so called worktexts. Some home schooling families use library reference books and download free materials online such as worksheets or make up their own materials.

This page is meant to just be an introduction to some of these curricula available to you as a home schooling parent. One of the beauties of home schooling is that you have total freedom when it comes to picking a curriculum. You can obtain something to fit your budget and time frame involvement.

One thing that is certain regarding curricula is that there are plenty of publishers and plenty of Methods to choose from. There is also a plethora of resources for all styles and methods of homeschooling, from easy to more involved and challenging.

Discover the home school curriculum that will best fit with your child and family to meet your educational goals. From this page we are listing some links to a few of the publishers or types of publications available to you through our affiliate bookstore

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