About Us

Rosi and I have been involved in Christian missionary work for most of our adult lives and have homeschooled our seven children over the span of twenty-three years. We started home schooling with our oldest son, David at pre-school age. Since then we have had two graduate from colleges in Canada and one graduate from a university in Taiwan.

We have tried many different books, methods, and even schools in our endeavor to home school our children. It has been our goal to always be looking for better ways to educate our children even if it meant enrolling them in school.

In our lifestyle we have provided our children with many unique learning opportunities not always available to children that are dependent on institutions for their education. Our children have lived in several countries and have been exposed to several cultures and languages thanks to our missionary work abroad.

The children have followed an orderly, progressive and well-planned curriculum, which was continually being updated and expanded on with books, videos, audio tapes, and computer programs. In our home schooling we provided our children with Christian and ministerial training, scholastics and practical vocational training.

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