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Hi, I am Michael and am an avid home schooling parent of seven children.

Having taught my children using homeschooling as a missionary in Central America and Asia I have learned a few things about home school curriculum.

Recently, I decided to put together a website dedicated to home schooling and gather as much information as I can specific to homeschooling curriculum and post it on this site.

I have used a few of the home schooling methods as well as curriculum from various publishers over the years. Knowing how daunting it can be to choose which home schooling method and which type of homeschooling curriculum to use for your children, I decided to, '... make it easy for others to be good.' I consider that the best way to help you is by providing information in an organized way so you can fast track the process and make a wise and informed decision.

It is also my goal to relay any tips and insights I can pertaining to home school methodologies as well as it ties in directly with curriculum. It is certainly my hope that you will find enough information to have a comprehensive, one stop resource.

Please let your friends know about this website so they can be helped as well.

Thank you for checking out my website. Please revisit often as I will be posting new resources as long as I am able to come up with new material.

If you are interested in reading more on this topic, please read: What is Homeschooling?.